We can design, supply, install, test and commission all of the systems listed below. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.
CIS - Customer Information Systems. Both TFT and LED technologies

FAI provides visual customer information on stations to inform the travelling public of next train or bus information

We can supply the Network Rail Approved Train Mass Detector (TMD), PADS no PA05/529.
In non Train Describer (TD) areas, mass detectors are used as a way of updating CIS information.
CCTV – Analogue and digital

FAI have designed and installed CCTV systems to provide surveillance, monitoring and recognition of individuals for the purposes of prosecution. We have also installed CCTV for the Secure Station Status Scheme
SPT - Signal Post Telephone installations

Signal Post Telephones are industrial instruments designed to communicate directly with a Signaller, we can supply and install the instrument, pole and base.
Telephone Concentrators and Voice Recorders

In a joint venture with Kestrel Telecom - - we supply the FAI-Kestrel Hawk telephone concentrator. This is available from 4 to 60 lines and is Network Rail type approved. The circuits supported are CB, Magneto, Auto, E&M, PETS and KETS.

Kestrel Emergency Telephone System (KETS)

The FAI-Kestrel KETS design provides a full and effective replacement for the Whiteley PETS system such that, for all practical purposes, the working methods are identical.

The KETS design provides a cost effective alternative solution to the provision of the Whiteley Public Emergency Telephone System (PETS) applications and is fully Network Rail PADs approved.

The advantages of the Kestrel KETS system are:
  • Cost (the KETS system is typically around 50% of the alternative system costs)
  • Simplicity of installation
  • Simplicity and speed of operation
  • Identical operation to the PETS system at the Signaller’s control panel.
  • Plain language alarm presentation on a separate display panel to simplify the Signaller’s task in the event of fault occurring.
  • Ability to work over exceptionally noisy circuits.
  • Ability to ring out to all ‘phones, even if one or more is left ‘off hook’
  • Facility to interface to other PABXs
  • No outstation power required (Fully line powered with 12 hour UPS from control unit located in the signal box).
  • The ability to replace existing PETS systems with the new KETS with minimum system changes when interfaced on a Hawk Concentrator.
  • Significant reduction of maintenance requirements
PA - Public Address.  LLPA - Long Line Public Address.  PAVA - Public Address Voice Alarm.   RPA - Radio Public Address

We can offer a full range of options for enabling audio announcements to be made, either from microphones or automated speech files. Listening Points and Inductive Loop systems can be added to provide assistance for the hearing impaired.
We provide system design, including acoustic modelling to improve speech intelligibility. We can also benchmark existing systems using Sound Pressure Level testing.

We were the original designers of the Radio Public Address system that served virtually every station on the London Underground network.
We developed a solar powered radio PA system for use on Network Railstations; this has been installed on several London Midland stations but is not currently PADs approved.
TVM – Ticket Vending Machines & Smartcard Validators

FAI has installed and commissioned ticketing systems for train operating companies.
Help Points

GSM, VOIP and analogue Help Points are hands free, vandal resistant and high visibility telephones typically installed
on station platforms or car parks. 
Technical and HQSE Documentation

FAI can produce a suite of Technical and HQSE documentation applicable to working within the railway and construction environments including the following;
  • Method of Work Statements
  • Work Package Plans
  • Task Briefs
  • Safety and Environmental Plans
  • Construction Phase plans
  • Test Plans
  • GRIP 1-3 Design Packages
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Factory Acceptance Test documents
  • Network Rail Forms A/B Electrical
  • Network Rails forms 01/02/03 Civils
Should you require further information regarding any of the products or services we provide please call, email or use the contact form
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